Alvin Ray Kessinger, who his friends refer to as Al, is a fantastic country music songwriter as well as a great author. What is even more important than that is that he is a 100 percent nice guy. His wife’s name is Jo, and she is just as much a special lady as he is a special gentleman. Al is a regular visitor to radio shows that I host. I invite you to visit our shows at Mixlr.com/jerrymac on Monday Wednesday and Friday from Eight P M Till Eleven P M and on Sunday From Ten Thirty A M Till One Thirty P M. where you can chat with Al & other songwriters and singers as we play their music. You can listen to Al’s music here at his site. Make sure you visit his music page to hear some of his fantastic songs. I am very pleased to call Al my friend.

Jerry Mac

Ken Murphy Thanks Joyce. Trennedy is so talented. Love getting her songs out and the recognition she deserves. I will keep you posted right after first of year when nominations begin for Arkansas Country Music Awards. (ACMA) . Would love to get her nominated for “Youngest Country Artist” of the year.
The is because he has been playing her song on his show, now for almost a year. The voting comes up sometimes after the first of the year. He will explain it to us more. It is for the state of Arkansas (ACMA) but anyone can nominate her to go toward the votes. So we need to be thinging about all of our friends list when the time comes to vote. He says she is the youngest one he has had on her show that he kept on rotation.

International CMA Old Time Country Songwriter of the Year 2008

Alvin Ray Kessinger


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